(Based on the best available Bible scholarship and the author’s educated opinion.)

Maundy Thursday–today–

Tradition says Christ was betrayed…

Good Friday, the cross,

When Jesus felt lost

Til risen on Easter Sunday.

Tradition, a gentile plot,

To cut off a Jewish knot…

Tassels off a shawl

Blinding us all

How far from the truth we’ve got.

Traditional time makes no sense,

But ammunition for skeptics immense…

Evening and a morn

How Jewish time formed

From Genesis One, and hence!

Western tradition is short,

Of ignorant comport…


Christians steeped in it,

Are making Christ’s Kingdom contort.

Sinful fascist gentile pride

Would the real truth override…

God’s people, the Jews,

Have been misused

Power struggles for souls–woe betide!

–Jonathan Caswell

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