(Tune–see below)*

In nineteen hundred eighty-eight

During a telephone call,

My love said YES!

To my question did bless…

So our marriage would befall

(Brave souls)

Our marriage would befall!

She said…would I see fit to write

It out for her once again…

I did via mail

And she did not fail,

To answer as my friend

(Brave souls)

To answer as my friend!

And the final touch, for us…

Was to travel to my laird,

My laird and his lady gave their assent

And the tiger-eye was bared

(Brave souls)

The tiger-eye was bared!

‘Twas twenty six years on May third

Engaged we to wed…

A year and a month

To the day, we would come

To set our course as one,

(Brave souls)

To set our course as one!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Whaling sea chantey tune….Pete Seeger did a version of it!

–Jonathan Caswell

3 thoughts on “ANNIVERSARY SEASON!

      1. words4jp

        I think a person should celebrate as many happy anniversaries as they can:) Happy Engagement Anniversary and Happy Wedding Anniversary and many, many happy more for years to come:) xx


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