JOIN HIM IN UNITY….by Carl Gooch


Upon the cross for all to see,

Love displayed for you and me…

He suffered pain and agony

So from sin we could be free.

The stench of death hung about

As the soldiers cheer and shout…

They scorned and mocked Him,

Yet He forgave even them!

His dying breath His mercy shown,

Seeds of His Fathers love were sown…

For dark sins someone had to die

So He paid the price for sinners’ cry.

He is my saving strength, my Source,

He is my compass to stay on course…

His love won’t end with cross or grave…

His salvation to me He endlessly gave.

Nailed upon the cross, all see,

His love displayed that I claim for me…

His death, suffering agony

He endured that we join Him in eternity!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 12 May 2014

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