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All Around Town

I’ve been a busy girl since I’ve last posted. As I’m leaving for Rome today, I wanted to get in a quick post for you all with some photos I’ve taken around town recently. Most of these were taken with my cell phone, so please don’t mind the photo quality.

In Austin we have a cab company that wants you to make babies in their vehicles.

IMG 20140420 112721 All Around Town

Fortune cookies know how famous I am.

IMG 20140410 164526 All Around Town


My two rare writers/editors to Lady or Not went out for a night on the town. I didn’t think it was funny but thought you all would like to see a photo. Jason is left, I’m center, Rod is on the right.

IMG 20140328 232314 All Around Town

Other than that, I wanted to publicly thank Timothy Price for sending me some SD cards in the mail for my trip. You’re really awesome and sweet.

Thank you to Sue for shipping me her book. My daughter really enjoyed it as she is in theater. If you all want to read her book it is on amazon. Click here to purchase:

Thank you all for purchasing your amazon though me.



Lady or Not… Here I Come!

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