(A Poetic Opinion)

Gently and gently one tries

To open up their eyes…

To ways to improve

Poems that move,

But could be skillfully apprised.

Bad poetry is not a sin,

‘Though publishers may chuck it in…

To a waste basket

With no way to mask it,

Poets take it on the chin!

This Mutual Admiration Society,

Word Press, allows variety…

Of views and skills

According to wills,

Within a certain propriety.

If you ask, I’ll give an opinion,

Without seeking dominion…

Over what you do–

That is up to you–

For some, it cuts like obsidian.

A few of us seem fools

To meddle with others’ tools…

Well-meant remarks

Oft produce sparks,

I guess they violate the rules!

–Jonathan Caswell

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