Christian men, too, need helps,*

On occasion to not act like whelps…

With that wolfish grin

Suddenly slipping in,

To actions and thoughts beyond help.

This Poet and others of this Age,

Face constant barrage on stage…

A system to tell

When we don’t function well,

When our wisdom is not that of a sage.

(Some would claim…that is most of the time!)

Hungry, Angered, Lonely and Tiredness

Factors in  decision-making to address…

If one or more rate high

It should warn that guy,

That it’s time to avoid sinfulness!

Twelve-step programs have this too,

Didn’t know it–never got that far through…

Before was thrust out,

It’s the timing, no doubt,

To be ready to learn something new.

Now please don’t have fear–me toward,

I am no monster unrestored…

It has been my concern

To lessen “heart burn”,

Better wielding of the HOLY SPIRIT’s Sword.

–Jonathan Caswell

* As part of a continuing process toward maturity and God’s glory, for me!

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