Are Mad Scientists Hoarding Cryogenically Frozen Dinosaurs For World Domination?


The Return of the Modern Philosopher

T-Rex-FactsThe rumor that a cabal of Mad Scientists has been traveling back in time to capture, and then cryogenically freeze dinosaurs to unleash on an unwitting population as part of a plan for World Domination, has been picking up steam, Modern Philosophers.

Social Media is abuzz as the world theorizes about where the dinosaurs are being stashed, where the Mad Scientists have set up their evil lair, and which cities will be the targets when the beasts are unleashed.

Wanting to get some answers, I called the one person I knew who could not only out think a Mad Scientist, but who was also an expert on Time Travel.

“Word around the particle accelerator is that while this is a very intriguing plot, the technology doesn’t quite yet exist to make it happen,” my good friend Doc Brown told me as we sipped Snapples on the front porch of The…

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2 thoughts on “Are Mad Scientists Hoarding Cryogenically Frozen Dinosaurs For World Domination?

  1. Austin

    Thanks for sharing. I would love a freezer that was big enough to hold a dinosaur. Think of all the steak and ice cream that would hold!!! 🙂



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