(on P.B.S.–no relation to a new blog friend!)

Sister Wendy wends her way

Around the world to display,

Objects d’art

A la carte,

Treasures in this modern-day.

From her convent retreat

Sister Wendy finds most meet…

Pictures of desire

Lighting inner fire,

Though her analysis is sweet.

The “making of” special announced,

I readily watched to pounce…

To learn more about

Her habits no doubt,

Presenting it all with great bounce.

I’d grown up with her, by the way,

On a Binghamton station she’d play…*

My parents aghast

At this iconoclast,

Who cheerfully walked away!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Binghamton, NY, WSKG TV (I forget the channel)…in the mid 1970’s…I was in High School, so deemed old enough to watch.  Not sure if my parents really were aghast, but it rhymes!!!


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