She came to inquire

From all the way down a long hall,

Had anyone eaten garlic,

The strength of it wasn’t small…

I’d had lasagna for supper

And potato skins on the side,

Garlic bread wasn’t eaten…

Is that where the smell resides?

Out came the Tic-Tacs to

Sweeten the pronounced odor,

That hallway runs through two buildings–

A long distance, for sure…

The smell wasn’t unpleasant

For one who ate good stuff,

But sensing my presence from two blocks away

Sure is more than enough!

–Jonathan Caswell

8 thoughts on ““TIC-TAC” TIME!

  1. Nancy Ruegg

    Seriously–two blocks away? That was some STRONG garlic! Tell her the best way to deal with the aroma/stench of garlic is to dine on the bulb herself. Fun poetry, Jonathan! And thank you for reblogging my post, “Unexpected Blessings.” I am honored you found the post worth sharing with others.



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