You know I’m a “white boy” and yet,

I feel a powerful regret…

After all these years

Basic race fears,

Haven’t been put to forget.

A black boy was thought innocent,

Til a police chief went…

And disclosed in time

The boy did a crime,

Into fury the mobs were sent.

Believing that kids angels are,

Has really gotten too far…

This “us versus them”

Beyond reason,

Goes back to feathers and tar!

I blame their leaders, too,

Who claim there’s continual screw…

Not letting them rise

In their own eyes,

Nor take on a healthier view.

Our president seems in course,

The brow-beaten black to reinforce…

Despite the cop guy

Who lost an eye,

By a black kid who fought like a horse.

I would hope black brothers were adults

And not caught in leadership cults…

Keeping field slaves down

Keeps leaders around,

And Don King understood these results.*

*(From an interview at a Democratic Convention a few years ago..heard during radio coverage of it)

–Jonathan Caswell

{My 9609th blog entry}


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