The Wells Fargo wagon

In the musical, MUSIC MAN…

Brought anticipation

For every boy and man.

Raisins from Fresno

Or maybe cross-cut saw…

Instruments for the Professor,

Deliveries met with awe.

I’m awaiting delivery

Of a very special gift…

For myself (the wife okayed)

To my attitude lift.

Other things have come

From other companies…

But it hasn’t yet arrived

And I am in the lees.

An ALCO S-2, in N scale,

From a good company…

It hasn’t come while other things

Have come already!

I wanted one with zebra stripes

Looking close to the one we had…

At our railroad museum

‘Though the colors are off a tad.

My model passenger station

Is painted like that one then…

I’d love to run a tourist train,

Even if it is scaled “N”.

So I’m waiting for my package,

I’ll check if the bill’s been paid…

It sure would be disappointing

Given all the dreams I’ve laid!

–Jonathan Caswell

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