Unlike “THE LONG RIDE” movie,*

Where James Arness’ acting is moving…

This situation

Of consternation

Is rather less groovy!

The Long Walk alluded,

Hopefully will be soon concluded…

Reconstruction inside

Lengthens the stride,

The timing of which must be prudent.

Alas, the nearest mens’ room,

Is blocked off for now (sudden gloom)…

Getting relief

Is not so brief

Even for just a hair groom!

–Jonathan Caswell

* A Gunsmoke TV movie–1993

4 thoughts on “THE LONG WALK

      1. words4jp

        Well – since I hurt my back I am walking like hybrid of Charlie Chaplain and the Hunchback of Notre Dame;). Actually more like Charlie. But still it ain’t pretty but is probably good practice for the future. Ort ort ort!

        Liked by 1 person

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