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She presents herself in front of me,

Asking about my wife…

Engaging in small talk pleasantly

Making me a part of her life.

It’s not an obligation

But a friendly “keep in touch”…

Showing consideration

That always means so much.

She could have, like others,

Ignored me by now…

Content with more important folk

To enhance her career flow!

I’m not exactly little

But sure am a guy…

So nice being remembered,

Some day I’ll ask her why.

–Jonathan Caswell

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!



As adults, lack of sleep has been found to be detrimental to our health.

Today’s children aren’t getting enough sleep either. There are suggested

times and hours needed for each age group. I won’t bother to quote the

many more hours we all should rest and sleep. I try but can usually only

“sleep in” reaching a whopping seven total hours a night. I found a sweet

album to suggest listening to, for any age.

A new music CD,  released from a long-term collaboration of two friends who

became fathers in 1995, is called, “Precious Child– Love Songs & Lullabies.”

There are some happy parts of this collaboration but one really sad one, too.

The Jazz guitarist and composer named Joe Beck combined with the singer,

composer and pianist Darryl Tookes.

Joe and Darryl worked on this album since 1995, moved by their new venture

into fatherhood. The album had to be…

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Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Comfort, caring, warm
serene, full of life
just inside, deep within
soul burns with desire to leave
have pains of longing
dark clouds drench
bodies shivering
Chilling gusts
piercing through bones
feverish red eyes
destitute attire
passion, desire
all lost, such insanity
keeps alive, art

20140415-044227 pm.jpg

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Young parents today have fits

When kids go through similar bits…

As they did

Feeling themselves amid,

Afraid they’ll be hypocrites.

So their children consigned to burn

While parents withhold what they’ve learned…

Thinking unfair

That THEY were there,

Parental responsiblity spurned!

We’re all susceptible to greed,

Lust overpowering need…

Easier to play

When the debt’s far away,

And the repo man can’t draw a bead.*

Each generation relaxes

A little in child rearing practice…

Til someone comes around

And lays their foot down,

Reversing the practice that taxes!

Some things I don’t understand,

Why…I’m a childless man…

No fault then that

Handling a brat

Is not something that I can.

I see and observe in life,

Which helps, because my wife…

Makes sure I learn

More in turn,

Between us we’ll have less strife!

–Jonathan Caswell

* to draw a bead…or, to draw a bead on…to aim at.

Becoming That Person


Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

It seems that Los Angeles,
is not a 24 hour town,
When we moved here from NY,
neighbors told us to turn it down.

They didn’t like our high heels,
clomping up and down the stairs,
And when I played my bass guitar,
It so did offend their ears.

And though we thought they were uptight,
and we scoffed at their restrictions,
It seemed our rebelliousness,
could lead to an eviction.

Now I have a job and kids,
and do not mean to complain,
But it sure is difficult
to wake up at 6 am.

And though the neighbors are lovely,
they sometimes party at night,
So am I hypocritical,
when I ask them to be quiet?


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Eltiempohabitado's Weblog


Me entregan tus silencios el fulgor de las ondas
es un sonido dulce que se hospeda en las hojas
del chopo solitario. O el azar que deshojas
en la luz del ocaso: partículas redondas

que escalan el suspiro por todo lo que ahondas.
Y me llega el aliento de aquello que despojas:
una luz que se tiñe de nubes pelirrojas
y son igual que un beso que grita aunque lo escondas.

La suavidad del aire dulcifica la ausencia
y los deseos vuelan al nido solitario
para crear el sueño que aviva la memoria

haberte retenido cual divina presencia
es instante gozoso como un don literario
que se queda en el alma para afirmar su historia.


©Julie Sopetrán


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