The poet admires women,

Most know where he is beginning…

Based on sight

The Poet’s delight,

Whether walking or standing or swimming!

He’s not a one-facet man,

There’s more to him than curves and tan…

Feminine character

He likes to observe,

Just looks ain’t enough for THIS man.

Her hair, nice curves and face,

Aren’t enough..she must show grace…

Direction from within

By the Holy Spirit’s having been

Living inside with Godly faith.

The poet likes women who are kind,

Especially to him nor does he mind…

That they choose to speak

On behalf of the weak

Compassionate their way, so inclined.

A woman’s growing faith, who’ll object,

Her speaking when needed, so direct…

Waking up sensitivities

Of Godly proclivities,

Does it happen often enough, I suspect?

As Abigail married a fool*

Her wisdom was her tool…

To save King David’s honor

When events were thrust upon her,

Her beauty, combined with wisdom, made men drool.

My wife knows how I stand,

That I’m hardly a perfect man…

I try to do as I ought

For principles well-fought,

Her character–her beauty–is grand!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Abigail married Nabal…the whole story is in the Bible Book of 1st Samuel, Chapter 25, verses 2 through 44.

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