(What Would Jesus Say…to me?)*

What would Jesus say

To you on a very down day…

Would He reaffirm

You while you squirmed

From spirits trying to get away?

My counselor says “stinking-thinking”

Is why my emotions keep sinking…

That long-play C.D.

Of what’s wrong with me,

In God’s love should be shrinking.

Reluctant to visualize

How I’m seen in God’s eyes…

How can He love

While looking above

Seeing me, without surprise?

Intellectual fact is plain,

Taking to heart’s not the same…

Almost as though

I prefer to go

Wrong and bear the shame!

The counselor said, explain,

To yourself what Jesus is saying…

Encouraging hope

(I am not a dope),

Some affirming bricks need laying.

So where can I go from here,

It’s been years since I’ve thought myself dear…

Too ready to lose,

Failure I’ll choose

Can God let me out of here?

–Jonathan Caswell

* An real question used in Christian counseling.

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