Please don’t tell my wife,

Who knows my love of toys rife…

A 2-6-0h

I’ve purchased so,

I’ll be set the rest of my life!


A 2-8-0h I bought,

A wonderful engine, had not…

Couplers easily

Used in switching duty,

Bought adapters, but that’s as far as I got.

The eyesight is getting so bad,

To stay in N scale, I’ve had…

To rethink goals

And simplify, I suppose,

What I’ve chosen to have.

Will I REALLY be able,

To install a custom turntable…

Turning engines around

When leaving town,

So far–I’ve been unable!

This 2-6-0h’s couplers,

Already adapted to spurs…

Allow back-and-forth

Train handling of course,

From either train end as need stirs.

AHEM….how much did it cost,

Will it be worth the imagery lost….

Of a modeller keen

Building straight to his dream,

Or to one who for a long time felt lost?

 The answer is that I can sell

The less-useful engine as well…

Restoring funds

From cost overruns,

(Unlike a governmental spending hell).

–Jonathan Caswell

(Image from http://shopbachmanntrains.com/ )

Boston & Maine #1360 - ALCO 2-6-0 - DCC Sound Value - Click Image to Close

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