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I know my accent is funny,

But answers I get are rummy…

“No pain,” I say–

Take some anyway–

The pain will make you jumpy.

Came home to a situation,

So many on dish assignation….

No one will ask

How we do the task,

Just add more complication!

And when you DO ASK they follow

Systems they don’t want to swallow…

We’ll do it OUR WAY

Or else we won’t play,

Do it all yourself tomorrow.

Look a gift horse in the mouth,

It’s like you’re throwing them out…

You need the help

So stifle the yelp,

Or be left alone in your “ouch.”

It must feel great looking down

With “compassion” on those around…

You show your caring

By your victims’ despairing

That anything they remember be found!

–Jonathan Caswell

(sometimes you get what you pay for….or not!)


Bowie App


Hands on Bowie


I’ve seen that face before. I received a message from Tom, a longtime HoB follower. Tom had noticed Mr. Bowie immediately as he was browsing the screenshots of the WordPress app on Google Play. It seems Mr. Bowie appears everywhere all over the world. Should I get an agent to represent Mr. Bowie? Thanks for letting me know, Tom.

Hey WordPress! “Show me the money!”

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Animals and birds migrate south,

Often going hand-to-mouth…

Others store fat

To make sure that

Resources don’t run out!

–Jonathan Caswell

On the move

Stop=overs are worth it—FOR US!

Breaking New Ground in Zone 6

Fall migration is in full swing in New England and I’ve seen some spectacular birding sights along this coastal region of New Hampshire. Many of these migratory birds I see when I’m out and about but if I was not a gardener, I’d miss some of my favorite little friends right in my own back yard.

Yesterday, while adding a new border and path beneath the crab apple tree, I heard a familiar jit-jit-jit-jit and knew I was being visited by the tiniest of birds, the kinglet. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula) was flitting from branch to branch totally ignoring the fact that I was working just feet away. This bold little friend foraged beneath the bark nonstop for insects making it almost impossible for this gardener to drop all and photograph it.

KingletI’ve always enjoyed watching the kinglet, both the Ruby-crowned and the tiny Golden-crowned as they…

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2014 Midterm Elections, Get Out The Vote!


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Since 2004, WordPress has set out with an ambitious goal in mind — to democratize publishing and put state-of-the-art tools in front of publishers both large and small across the planet. We believe strongly in this vision because when more people have access to powerful tools on the web, that in-turn empowers them to do great things and publish amazing content. We feel the same way when it comes to democratizing, well, democracy — and in just a few weeks, citizens across the United States will have a unique opportunity to flex their political muscle and vote in the 2014 Midterm Elections.

For our part, we want to provide our US-based users a set of resources to help them make a smart, informed decision when it comes to who they will vote for. We also want to provide a toolkit so that they can get more information on where to…

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