Driving through a tunnel

Speckled in sunlight,

Country road a-winding through the trees…

Downshift on the curves

Slowing where they’re tight,

Going back through pleasant memories!

Been this road a lifetime

Growing over years,

As the neighborhood itself has changed…

Cow ponds turn to driveways

And fields to subdivisions,

All things time has subtly arranged.

Early autumn beauty

Timelessly  flows

As passing cars swirl aside dead leaves…

Going to Aunt Ida’s

Every traveler knows,

For our Uncle Andy she still grieves.

It’s been months

Since this road

Has felt these auto tires…

Silence and

 No word from her,

Had she expired?

Not knowing

Prompted a call,

A promise for a visit…

After church

Brought her

My large print book exquisite.

Two out  of three

Of her boys,

Sitting at the table…

Seemed so natural

To walk in,

Commenting as able.

Stayed a while

For a cuppa,

She commenced her reading…

Had to get back

Home to my wife

And lunch she was needing!

–Jonathan Caswell

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