(Mostly as Haiku)

Diet swords crossed

Winning control of his fare…

Far-reaching food fight!

Super-Special sub,

Three meats, lettuce and cheese…

Scrumptiously okay!

Still  buying candy,

Pretzels for a rainy day…

Edema won’t leave!

Low-salt, high fiber

Candy bars masquerading…

Wise ones watch labels!


Small portions of chips…

Regular soda!

Convenience kills,

Easily lost is control…

Salt and sugar win!

Eating half only,

Sandwiches enjoyed longer….

Maybe wife gets some!

Meatloaf and gravy, rare,

Mass. Turnpike revelation…

Suddenly set right!

Candy corn for kids,

Bag closed carefully between…

Cheating doesn’t help!

Diabetic mood

Carbohydrate-tidal force…

Glucose levels swing!

–Jonathan Caswell

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