He hadn’t prepared for THIS,

His body was obviously amiss…

Legs shooting pain

With swollen disdain,

He’d face a  lot more to contain.

Exhaustion darkens the eyes

From little sleep–no surprise…

Making his way

Through life every day

And keeping his doctors apprised.

Doesn’t feel fine or foxy,

Got his own supply of oxy*…

Muscular hurts

The oxy* skirts,

A band-aid like two-part epoxy.

Struggle forward he must,

In his doctors’ advice he must trust…

Efforts increase

Or life quality’ll cease,

To be stiffened by encroaching rust!

I’m not sure his wife understands

Why he vocalizes her demands…

Getting so mean,

Making a scene,

Her pain…stays under her command.

He’s paying the price of duress

For not acting wiser, I guess…

Struggling for years.

One thing is clear–

It was never seriously addressed!

–Jonathan Caswell

* oxy…short for the pain-killer, oxycodone-acetaminophen.

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