(or…where I’ve been for a week and a half)

My hiatus unexpected

Was by my big toe directed…

While on a work round

My legs fell down,

My need needed to be dissected.

In ambulance eventually,

To hospital all agreed…

Big toe amputated,

It’s life prorated

As being no good to me.

Started treatment my self  then ignored,

Left it to rot to the core…

Infection set in

And I didn’t win,

Was left with a hole, nothing more.

From hospital to Rehab.

For a week or so to grab…

Some healing time

And therapy fine,

The nurses weren’t half-bad!

Yesterday I came home,

My wife is not alone…

Taken out the trash,

Consolidated cash

And learned…not to roam.

Gotta wait for the Visiting Nurses

By writing these tentative verses…


Of my situation

Before insurance opens its purses!

Unforseen experiences,

Puts minds through all tenses…

Ideas for a book

Began to cook,

Perhaps it will mend a few fences.

–Jonathan Caswell

5 thoughts on “HIATUS UNEXPECTED

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    Wasn’t painful at all—part of the problem! Couldn’t feel it going rotten…or feel it afterward. Legs ddropped out from under me at work—been pushing for nearly a month with leg pain and shortness of breath—until some parts of me stopped working under the load of the toe infection…which had, by this point according to the surgeon, gotten into the bone. Right bid toe was amputated……and it IS good to be missed….by a surprising number of people. 🙂



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