Discovered a device medical,

The mention of which sounds heretical…

For drainage scads

They use sanitary pads,

To save on soaked bandaged spectacles!

Unlike in Rehab., it gets lonely

Being with the wife only…

Visiting nurses

Bring one who converses

While bandaging feet–none are homely.

Satisfying the folks who look

At my poetry book…*

This Christian rebel

Wrote “Peter The Pebble,”

To which one nurse’s children have took!

At four AM it’s quiet,

Unlike a June morning’s riot…

Birds on the wing

Aren’t expected to sing,

Where they once were–till springtime when they return once again in my neighborhood–to try it!

–Jonathan Caswell

* my poetry book…available ate amazon.com, and elsewhere…SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY, by  Jonathan Caswell…I bought a limited number of both the regular and Large Print editions to sell/give away/lend out as needed!

3 thoughts on “A MEDICAL DISCOVERY

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    We’s trying! Getting the foot bandage changed twice a day, because of drainage. Gotta keep my weight off the front part of the foot and keep my blood sugars down, for best healing. Thanks !!!!



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