PROVERBS 14: 20-21

PROVERBS 14: 20-21

We’ve found neighborly help peaks

And plunges after two weeks…

You’re in a tizzy–

They’re suddenly busy–

That support system springs big leaks!

Was it something I asked the wrong way,

They often ignore what we say…

Appearing to grab

The first item nabbed,

So that we’ll just go away.

Some are best for small things,

Leftover milk or package deliverings…

But ask them to drive

Your car—“Man-alive–“

Excuses sprout like weed seedlings.

Learning hard lessons about friends

Who have their own lives and trends…

Very few

Will stand by you,

To do as the Lord would intend!

–Jonathan Caswell

6 thoughts on “PROVERBS 14: 20-21

  1. Doris

    you know what
    lately I know a thing or two about my friends
    specially with my blog
    some ask to follow and did not, it is ok i do not get
    offended. But the biggest things I learned is that your
    best friend is inside of you…god is right there we do
    not need more. And, thank for not thinking I was a spammer.



    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Well…..true. but one cannot always drive one’self to a Dr.’s appointment…or be sick in bed and get supplies by yourself. Short-term….maybe…. Longterm—fugetabout it!!!!! 🙂
      My Pastor works full-time still, but for one appointment, anyway, made time for me…not many still will.



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