Confectioner’s sugary frost,

Trees and bushes glossed…

Roads are wet–

No freezing yet–

A weather change these delights cost.

–Jonathan Caswell

4 thoughts on “SWEET SCENE

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    And likewise! Did a dumb thing and did damage to my big toe…then forgot about dealing with it…til it was Too late”. The toe got infected, to the bone, and had to come off. Was pushinfg myself to work through the pain when my legs gave out–at work, back in mid-October. A day or two after the operation I spent 11 days in Rehabilitation…then came home. With no a cceess to the Net at work, my posting has gone way down! Might be healied up by the end of January, though. Blessings to you and yours! πŸ˜€



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