(Sing  to the tune of GRANDMA’S IN THE CELLAR*)

 Power Morcellators

Are lawyers’ meat and taters

As they break upon the litigation scene…

Used in ladies’ operations

Some cause conflagerations,

Fulfilling ambulance chasers’ dreams!

On TV…

Is a plea…

For people who want to sue them blind,

Who want a windfall spree

From a hysterectomy

With a settlement that blows the mind!

TV lawyers tout the drugs

Whether new or old with bugs,

Side effects that could yield a golden store…

Whether ACTOS or the Pill*

Always something will

Be discovered that might profit lawyers more!

On TV…

Is the plea…

Like with mesothelioma tag along,

Gather victims resolute

For a juicy lawsuit,

With so much at stake  how can they go wrong?

–Jonathan Caswell

* ACTOS or The Pill…a  diabetic medicine with serious side effects and certain  contraceptives with severe side effects, respectively


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