A Start to Endings


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Today I have endings on my mind. Mostly because last night, after years of sharp hilarity, “Parks & Recreation” aired its final episode. It was absolutely perfect, and it was brilliant, but still, it was the end.

“Nothing lasts forever” is one of those cliches that, through constant use, has become totally meaningless. But no story can keep going. Everything ends.

So how do you know when you’ve reached the end of your story? Not your story your story, which, I assume, would be fairly obvious and is a little more depressing than where I meant to go, but the story that you are writing. How can you know that it’s over?

Sometimes it’s trickier than it sounds. Generally speaking, when writing, I keep an eye on word count so I know where I am structurally, and I know where I have to be going. When I hit a certain…

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