Stone Bridge



2008, Stone Bridge

There are a couple different “easy” photo subjects in this image. Stone structures, particularly those from the Civilian Conservation Corps, often provide wonderful photographic opportunities. Most have become as much nature as structure and the interplay of the stone’s permanence with the life growing around it can be eye-catching. Secondly, water is always a great starting point for an image. Light, motion and form, water has it all.

In this particular shot, I used a tripod and a long shutter speed for the ever-popular “blurry water” look. While some find it to be an artistic affectation or an overused technique, I happen to think it does a better job in an image like this of representing what moving water actually looks like. There’s a balance you have to hit with just how blurry you want to get, you can overdo it. I might have been brushing…

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