Her husband soon will be working

Evenings–she’ll feel lonely…

She wants to get a kitty

To keep her company.

In theory there’s no problem,

But infections we tend to get…

Kitty front paws must declaw

Or the answer is “nyet.”

Suggested renting our neighbor’s

“Kizzy Kat” for a while…

The wife wasn’t enthusiastic,

She wants her own feline child.

I really can’t say I blame her

For I miss a kitty cat too…

At least we’ve begun discussions

Till we decide what to do.

–Jonathan Caswell

4 thoughts on “MY WIFE WANTS A CAT

  1. cb

    No no no – please don’t declaw. They snip off the toe at the first knuckle.

    When we got Pickles and Hillary as kittens, I played with their paws every night (this little piggie, etc.) until they got used to me fiddling with their paws. Now I can trim their nails without them freaking out. They can still be squirmy, but they put up with it.

    Lots of scratching posts keep them from the furniture.



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