A fifty-dollar passenger car–

Sixty, normally,

Two N scale coach cars–B  &  M–

I ordered just for me…

These N scaled, detailed, beauties

Had interior lights and all,

Put on reserve–tooling delays–

Became my own downfall!

I fell down in October

During work last year,

Had two toes amputated–

Our windfall disappeared…

If I’d not gotten greedy

Ordering lots  more stuff,

I could have waited out the thing

And still had enough!

I managed one more engine

Then had to cancel out,

No longer any money–

Our budget has run out……

When they turn off the power

And we can pay no more,

I can take my lovely N scale trains

And push them ’round the floor!

I’m going back to work today–

First paycheck in two weeks,

Until then it’s a close one

With many money leaks…

I’ll never again order

A fifty-dollar car,

I’ve got some fixer-uppers–

With them my trains can star…

I’ll use my fixer-uppers,

My trains go just as far!!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

FOR THE CURIOUS–these cars are models of OSGOODE-BRADLEY passenger car prototypes, built in Worcester, Mass.  The N scale models are being produced by RAPIDO TRAINS, INC. (http://www, and apparently are still in the tooling stage.  I’d reserved mine from “N SCALE SUPPLY ( The cars I originally ordered were to be decorated for the BOSTON AND MAINE RAILROAD..


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