(An unpopular opinion…!)

Salamanders in late Spring

Gather next to do their thing…

Spring equinox,

Traffic stops

For an amphibian moving.

Salamanders cross town

As volunteers round

Up suspects

Who may object

to salamanders being “ground”.

Torchbearers, police convene

At an mystical scene…

Across roads

Loads and loads

Of salamanders stream!

When these nights conclude

Volunteers come unglued…

Happily freed

Salamanders breed,

With positive attitude.

Acting like gods is fine

On this side of sanity’s line…

Salamanders implore

We pay them more

Attention than our infant kind!

Why such a strange turnaround,

As if our species is bound…

In salamanders’ stake,

While our young ones take

The risk of being ground down?

–Jonathan Caswell

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