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(Tanka and haiku)

Gathering dusk drops,

Descending more blessings wet…

Forecasters said…Sure!

Winter’s snow did not endure:

At least Springtime temps. are sure!

–Jonathasn Caswell

Springtime hope opens

Blossoms color forest rees

Creation giggles!

–Jonathan Caswell

Head and tail lights on

When wipers used in the rain,

Massachusetts law…

Some cars dark in dusk

Think they’re exempt, or just won’t!

–Jonathan Caswell

Rain in camera

Shows wet on lighted pavement,

Evidence we feel.

–Jonathan Caswell




(Opinion…with humor, I hope!)

You want to see “higher than thou,”

Nonbelievers are your choice…

Trying to tell them anything

They think it obnoxious foist.

Evidence doesn’t mean a thing

Unless it’s on their terms…

If you’re not a “Carl Sagan”

They say, “Oh go eat worms!”

It’s true we are oft judgmental,

Mostly about ourselves…

Loving the love of God ain’t easy

With works religion still on  shelves.

None of us are perfect,

In short, neither are you…

If antagonism is what you expect

Then that’s the tea that will brew!

Are we really sanctimonious?

Look in the mirror and see…

If you can bring the walls down some,

You can chose to talk with me!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell

Double Denim


Glam Meets Girl

It’s the question that divides the nation: Should you or shouldn’t you double up on your denim.

Well the designers at Fashion Week have decided to take jeans to an entirely different level. Basically, denim is appropriate everywhere and anywhere. Or at least that’s what the runways told us.

If you’re not convinced yet, have a look at these stylish celebrities rocking the look.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want



1funny191You can’t always get what you want. The Rolling Stones and parents have been telling us this for years, but they’re not all leading by example. The Stones at least qualified by saying, if you try sometimes…you might get what you need.

I was in a store the other day where a teeny-weeny tornado of a child, innocuously dressed in pink, yet she may well have been the spawn of something evil that came from the bowels of a very toasty place, was screaming at the top of her lungs that she wanted something. I believe it was a doll of some kind, but it was hard to tell as her words flowed together in one raging howl. Spittle flew from her small bow lips and her Dora clasped pigtails bobbed wildly as her neck precariously thrashed her tiny head back and forth in classic Exorcist style as she raged…

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