Judas, known as betrayer,

Merely was a portrayer…

Of what each

Of us have in reach,

As salvation naysayer.

All flesh must own up

To the fact we are corrupt…

born that way

By Adam’s say,

Until we to Christ give up!

In-born sin we repent

And of actions relent…

Only He saves

All of us knaves,

The ones who will repent.

Judas had remorse,

Denied the Divine out of course…

Did he ever believe

Or did self-deceive,

To argue will beat a dead horse.

It’s not Judas but YOU…,

Who has a decision to do…

Will you believe

Or be self-deceived,

Today is the day to chose!

Is Christ God in the flesh,

Muslims and Jews protest…

Scripture is clear

If you will hear,

And enter into God’s rest.

–Jonathan Caswell

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