What should I wear new?

the lilies of the field grow…

What is Christian style?

God clothes for modesty sake,

Esther had clothes to be seen!

–Jonathan Caswell

Marriage behind doors,

We open ourselves up wide…

Husband and his bride:

Do you like what’s seen,

Real living isn’t a dream!

–Jonathan Caswell

Painful ‘though x-rayed,

Rarely allowed as displayed…

People understand

Little of pain-filled demands

Nor how this person goes on!

–Jonathan Caswell

What are we to do?

A meglomaniac grew

American soil

Nuured egocentric boils

Our nation has words to rue.

–Jonathan Caswell

Rubbing holes in knees

Won’t satisfy doctor pleas,

Let the body heal!

Nervous habits to destroy,

Receiving glad “Attaboys!”


Deceptive ways (peace)

Not holding any regard

For your people’s piece…

Hamas pays out gold to kill

Bludgering  their people’s will.

(a Poet’s opinion)

–Jonathan Caswell

Israel gives land

That no one else should demand…

Defending home front!

Why not insist on truths,

Their rivals know—but refuse!

–Jonathan Caswell

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