From the Orient

Friendship ties and harmony

Spread throughout the world


April pleasure sight

Delicate blossom display


Trees of friendship underway

Sharing joy to all today


The April cherry trees,

Make glad those buzzing bees…

Who service each flower

Hour upon hour,

Abundant blossom–the bee’s knees!

–Jonathan Caswell

Blossoms abundantly rich,

Whose beauty causes an itch…

To put down

Weapons aground,

And find a peaceful niche

(niche being mispronounced as “nitch”)

–Jonathan Caswell


Oh…those Washingtom Cherry trees

Are really quite a sight,

Folks visit from all around

To bask in pinkish light…

We thank the Japanese who gave

This wondrous sight to us

Delicate blossoms which

Gently our cheeks buss!

From cities around the world

Come gentle oohs and ahhs,

Because these groves of cherry trees

Proclaim a peaceful cause…

Maybe, like the cherry tree

Man will decide in time,

To make amends for all our faults

And peace on earth to find!…

Yes man to put down all our faults

For peace on earth to find!

–new lyrics by Jonathan Caswell

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