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Her's Day Thursday3

Hello, all! I recently read an article about an amazing woman who almost left this earth without her amazing story told! I want everyone to know about this kick-a lady!

Sigrid Green, born December 3, 1920 in Darwen, Lancashire, England, joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in 1942. Her mother was Norwegian so Sigrid spoke and understood {INSERT}. With the WAAF found out, they dispatched her to German-occupied Norway. She travelled there in a submarine (she was too scared to fly) and, because women were not allowed on subs, pretended to be a man.


Her task was to report information about a heavy water factory under construction by the Germans for energy purposes. Because of her, the Allies were able to launch a sabotage attack by the “Heroes of Telemark”. When her mission was completed, she walked all the way from Norway to Sweden when she escaped in the…

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