“It is written,” said the Christ,

On the Emmaus walk so nice…

Opening minds

To see Godly lines,

In Scripture, not given twice.

He opened their minds to where

He could be found in there…

From Genesis on

Explaining the bond

“Tween print and spiritual care.

Three days he’d be in the tomb,

Worded exactly by Whom?

This mystery

Takes effort to be

Extracted from Scriptural gloom.

For nowhere, as far as we know,

Says word-for-word this is so…

But Luke 11:30

Helps with the query,

Of where we have to go.

Christ told that generation,

The sign of Jonah was demonstration…

As to Whom Jesus was

Jonah’s typed because

He portrayed for Christ important information.

Compare with Jonah 1:17,

And you may see what we mean…

Three days and nights

Jonah by rights

Was all but dead,

Which from Jonah 2:2, can be gleaned.

The sign of Jonah becomes clear,

A type of Christ is here….

Three days and three nights,

Jewish reckoning’s right,

It was written when from the tomb Christ would appear!

–Jonathan Caswell

**Most references  found on

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