My lovely wife and I,

Discussed on how we’d fly…

If possible back

To Adirondack

Mountains she was bred by.

My own home was gone,

House, peach tree and lawn…

Sold to provide

My dad’s final ride

Into the great beyond.

So her family became mine,

And her childhood home in kind…

Once a year

We’ll travel from here

Going up north, home to find.

Many months ago

We managed up through snow…

My wife needed

Her homing heeded,

Resistance was getting low!

I kind of short-changed work,

They weren’t happy to be jerked…

But they let us go

Warning me so,

I wouldn’t again go berzerk.

She loved having birthday greetings

With scads and scads of meetings…


Had fun,

Even a few short-sheetings (just kidding!).

That was the week she fell,

We both went to hospital…

But she enjoyed

Being buoyed

By relatives, parties and all!

–Jonathan Caswell

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