My wife and I found

A place to hang around…

With safety

For her and me,

Where we won’t easily drown.

I knew that we were safe here,

When I fell down last year…

Six months’ unemployed

And not overjoyed,

An unknown time to clear.

This place is rent-controlled

For the disabled and old…

Diana could stay

While I was away,

She wasn’t put out in the cold.

For kindnesses our way,

Praise God is what I’ll say…

No subterfuge

In living is huge

With all our cards in play.

We socialize as we can

Without invoking a ban…

Friendly neighbors,

The usual capers,

Won’t keep us from each clan.

Safe to be on our own,

Secure in an apartment home…

Adjusting to pain

Not seeing again

Memories that had to be thrown!

I have an extra bathroom

In the hall case of no room…

On ours within,

The trees are too thin

Someone’s always watching, assume!

The office women are nice,

Sometimes I’ve visited twice…

A smile away,

‘Though not every day,

Two or more days a week will suffice.

I worked a while to share

Maintaining it with my care…

‘Til muscles pulled

And senses dulled,

Of limits I became quite aware.

This place is a zone of safety,

While living in rural country…

Cities–two or so–

Close enough to go

When needed, medically.

For the moment I work in town,

Mostly on highways up and down…

They wanted me back

So I’m back on track,

(Missed driving behind the snowplow!).

–Jonathan Caswell

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