Mr. Moran’s Maple Masterpiece


By: Ben Nash, Class of 2015

When most people think of maple syrup (sir-up, not seer-up), they don’t think of Virginia as one of its main producers. But in the Science Department, Mr. Mark Moran and his Environmental Science classes are breaking the mold, thanks to inspiration from sophomore Joseph Costello. One day, Joe asked Mr. Moran whether he had ever made maple syrup from scratch. He hadn’t – yet.  But after consulting with JP’s Chef Courtney, he began to experiment with maple tree tapping.

Spile (1) A spile is inserted into the tree trunk of sugar maples to collect sap. The sap drains out through the spile over a period of hours or days.

First, at his own home, Mr. Moran stuck a spile, a spigot-like instrument designed to collect tree sap, into a sugar maple tree. Within 24 hours he had collected over a gallon from just one tree.

After his own successful attempt…

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