In the East or West we see

Hidden sex slavery…

Women, girls and boys

Treated like toys,

Death being the only exit they see.

Christian redeem with money

Children billed as honey…

To abuser bees

Satisfying perverted deeds,

Who think resuing vicgtims funny.

Christian missionaries hide

Indentities where they reside…

Whoremongers dream

Of capturing redeemed,

Returning them to the inside.

Why is it that only Christ

Considers all people worth the price…

His death and resurrection

At the Father’s direction

For ALL SOULS was sacrifice!

So easily Westerners ignore

The plights of the forced-into-service whore…

Recruited by lies

Then beaten, despised,

Made to accept it all—and more.

More than likely some claiming to be Christ’s

Think “behind His back” they have rights…

To fondle and abuse

Anyone they choose,

Boldly going down with red lights.

(Vengence is Mine, saith the Lord!)

–Jonathan Caswell

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