“Le Sacre du Printemps,”**

Sgtravinsky’s ode to Spring…

Eviscerates the inner man

As discordant chords ka-ching.

Heavy rumblings from the rite

Of virgins dancing ’round…

Past Elders staring hard

To see which will be bound.

Spring rites of fertility

Deeper than Druids’ way…

Hold the ancient mysteries

Before talen away!

On and on the weary cycle goes,

Building to a lusty fever pitch…

Every year the Elders get their choice–

All this to celebrate that  itch.!

–Jonathan Caswell

** “Le Sare du Printemps (in French)” , or, THE RITE OF SPRING, by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, was written in 1913, as an avant-garde piece of orchestral opera…with stage settings, choreography and costumes.  Its debut on May 29,1913 caused a near riot in the audience!  Listen to it…and you’ll inderstand why (not easy to listen to, the first time.  Information largely from WIKIPEDIA….and memory.

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