He heard I knew one of his

Church members vis-a-vis…

My time in Rehab==

Decided to grab

An invite he knew I’d miss.

My prejudice against him

Are assumptins he thinks I work in…

Or are they true?

Upon review,

Similar to what I hold against him?

His woeking of the Spirit autocratic,

Where no one else better attack it…

I claim an open mind

But when honest find,

Some ideas aren’t automatic!

I think I’m more mature than him,

As a matter of observing, not whim…

A simpler faith

He sticks to it straight,

Pefrforming with an energetic vim1

He and I in our respective “kinds”

Have some poor experience in mind…

Where both were hurt

By the other hair-shirt*,

Which experiences put me in a bind.

I barely get to my own church now,

So I’m expected to go to his somehow…?

Although a change

Might rearrange

An attitude better than now.

–Jonathan Caswell

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