Sinners–acknowleged or not–

Held a special spot…

In Jesus’ heart,

Gladly He’d part

To eat with them on the spot! *

Pharisees don’t understand

We ALL ARE SICK, my man…**

Jesus only helps

The patient who yelps

Asking for God’s health plan.

Someone whose sick and denies it,

How can a doctor advise it…

Psyche patients refuse

Medicine to use,

The issue’s not forced–analyze it!

Uncomfortable company,

Perhaps through God’s eyes you must see..***.

Your faith not strong,

Better off not belong

Then pray with His eyes THEY may see!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Matthew 9: 10-11

** Matthew 9: 12-12; Romans 3: 9-12, 22-26;

***2nd Kings 6: 13-18

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