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I’ve never wanted to be

A mermaid, ’cause I’m a “he”…

Being a woman is rough,

Thinking like one is tough,

I’d rather let her be the “she”.

In school Mermaid and Merman,

Poetry shaped as it can….

In Art Class we made

Pictures color inlaid,

The regret of the Merman.

One blogger I’ve read attests

He’s practiced the drawing of breast”’

His mermaids

Are visual aids

Of anatomical loveliness.

I dreamt of them more as a teen,

For excitement, if you know what I mean…

Not as much since then–

Probably marriage was when

I had little need then to dream!

Some artists apply clams

Or weeds to mammary glands…

Suitable to pick

For display in public,

Though many like uncovered glands.

As I get older

My dreams turn colder…

Mermaid or not

Isn’t as hot,

So generally—I do not.

–Jonathan Caswell


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