(An opinion)

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce,

Did the surgery shake your brain loose?

Of the factors myriad

You really WANT a period,

And pinches on your caboose?

It is said that this “new Normal”

Of yours, you’d make a formal…

Statement of fact

By a transgender act,

And modified treatment hormonal.

Now that you’ve had your say,

And made yourself poster-it for the day…

Will poor people clamor

To change in your manner

But let someone more gullible pay?

Romans One stands the test of time,

Countermanding your very design…

But God still forgives

If repentance lives,

And His existence is not maligned.

God loves you and so do I,

Yet not with a lustful eye…

In a way I’m sorry

You’ve missed your quarry,

Accepting the Deceiver;s Lie.

–Jonathan Caswell

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