Flag Day is today—

Have you put on your display?

In the window is cute

But a bathing suit

Let’s all the guys “HOORAY!”

Em bodied American pride

Is best when it is eyed…

In the breeze

Waving with ease,

Leaves some of us tongue-tied.

A new handkerchief of the flag

I have, not for a snot rag…

At least not today

Lest someone should say

I belong in a well-tied bag!

So much of this country has crocked,

But immigrants here still stop

Frantic rowing–

We’re the best thing going–

Even though our own people have mocked!

Put out our Grand Old Flag–

NOT in a garbage bag–

Fly it proudly

Maybe we’ll see

Our reversing fortunes un-sag.

–Jonathan Caswell

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