Thought I’d missed the message of John Hagee,

Till I found him “Live” on GE-TV…*

At work on my machine

Seeing the service live is keen,

But it’s been a while since a live service for ,e!

Normally on TV it’s just the sermon,

By the second music special I was squirming,,,

Announcements and offertory

Weren’t the end of the story,

When were we going to get to Bible learning?

All those musicians can’t be for free,

Not like my church where it’s all voluntary…

The sign of success these days

Is if a ministry pays,

They do do a lot in Christ’s ministries!

Matt Hagee said…stand for the Word of God,

Then started preaching–seemed a little odd–

Expecting people to clap

with their bibles ready on tap,

He eventually got to harvesting Bible sod.

The people sat and he went on on preaching,

About tolerance but not for Truth once reaching…

To the soul of our nation

Until obliteration,

By those intolerant of our Founder’s teaching.

It’s been a while since seeing a whole service

On the air–admittedly I was nervous…

Not used to common delays,

Time for announcements and praise,

Impatience is one thing I was formerly impervious.

–Jonathan Caswell

* GE-TV is “GLOBAL EVANGELISM TELEVISION” available on line.

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