The other night I saw the clouds

In the western sky…

One side was all golden,

The other…grey and white:

The white was stark against the grey

In huge cotton balls,

The right side…golden sun came through

As of from Heaven’s halls…

From the right side, golden light came through

As if from Heaven’s halls!

The sunset clouds,

Those sunset clouds…

Changing as we speak!

So hard to describe in poetic terms.

Except with tongue-in-cheek!

The scene kept changing as I watched,

The golden slowly dies,

Cotton candy darkened

While lit up from inside…

The cloud bank slowly lost its light

While lit gold from inside!

Oh sunset cloud,

Oh sunset clouds,

Covering God’s holy light!

Keep changing into the darkness

Providing an art’s delight…

Keep changing ito darkness…

Providing artistic delight!!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

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