(Parody lyrics for THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS)

When greeting client employees

The pressures are immense,

You say someone’s pretty

With the purest of intents…

The woman may take offence

Thinking that’s not okay,

You might just lose your job

For the little things you say.

Some folks don’t wait around

To tittle with the Guard,

They’d like to get going–

Stopping in their back yard…

Some may stop for seconds

For the kind, quick good bye,

But you’d be prudent not to tell

Why they have caught your eye!

Sometimes you mention fabric

Or the color looks grand,

And they may accept it

With a regal wave of hand,,,

Leave out delicious body parts

In their “No Mention Zone”‘s,

Just don’t go there but make it clear

Your not the Devil’s own!

A friend or two may accest

Compliments now and then,

Just don’t make iy a habit

That will bite you in the end…

Just quietly accept the fact

Of this fine gallery,

Then keep your wits about you

But do it pleasantly@!

–Jonathan Caswell

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