Box? What box?


cheekiecat Zeke

I luuuuuuuuurve them boxes!!!
My human says that in her world, there is a lot of hype about being able to think “out of the box“. Hmmm….out of the box? They must be out of their minds! The fun stuff happens IN the box. Don’t they know that?? Pfft…call themselves the cognitive species.

She says the claim is that people who thinks out of the box are deemed to be creative, resourceful, innovative, unconventional and perhaps even smarter in some ways. She begs to differ. Well yeah, I beg to differ too. I AM creative, resourceful, innovative, unconventional, smarter in MANY ways, and I just luuuuurve being IN the box.

Well, her take is kind of different from mine. She says if everyone is trying so hard to be the one who thinks out of the box, doesn’t that make them IN that box called “thinking out…

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